Circa 1885

The most wonderful vintage classical guitar from circa 1885.

Country: Germany

Year: Circa 1895

Model: Classical Guitar

Top: Pine

Back & Sides: MahoganyFret board: Rosewood

Tuners: Circa 1900 with small ivory coloured buttons

This is a beautiful vintage German  classical guitar of the smaller size.

The luthier is unknown but it is handmade and thought to come from the Markneukirchen area of Germany, where such guitars were made in accordance with the ‘Spanish Model’ design guitar.

This guitar has spent some time being wonderfully and exquisitly restored by Luthier Carlo Errico and the final result is a small classical guitar of 128 years of age which looks and plays unbelievably beautiful – the most wonderful tonal colours.

This is not a concert guitar, it is a parlour guitar which was most likely handmade by the luthier for a friend or a guitarist at special request.

It is though, a remarkable piece of history from the German classical guitar world.


The two videos below show the wonderful classical guitarist Mandy Baines (Wales) play this guitar. Hear the beautiful colours and she invites us back to the wonderful musical life of Francisco Tarrega.

Also you can witness this remarkable 19th century guitar being expertly and passionately restored by luthier Carlo Errico.