1967 Jose Ramirez 1a

Described as one of the most outstanding concert classical guitars from the workshop of Jose Ramirez lll. This 1a concert classical guitar has the most beautiful voices I have ever heard.

 Luthier: Jose Ramirez III

Country: Spain

Year: 1967 

Model: Concert 1a

Serial No: 2437

Luthier Initials:  J. G (Juan Garcia Rey) 

Top: Solid Highest Grade Red Western Cedar

Back: Solid Highest Grade Brazilian Rosewood

Sides: Solid Highest Grade Brazilian Rosewood 

Fret Board: Dark Ebony

Tuners: Fustero

Scale: 664mm

Nut: 54mm

This very historical vintage concert classical guitar from the workshop of Jose Ramirez lll is really in extremely good condition for it’s age, having a new polish by luthier Aaron Garcia Ruiz. There are a few dings and scratches and expected play ware, but all have been attended to by Aaron and this guitar is in a  wonderful condition.

A wonderful guitar which sits comfortable in the lap and very easy to play at all frets.

The woods are truly of the highest grade and certainly add to the tonal qualities of the instrument – as well as the Brazilian rosewood adding to the aesthetic beauty.

The tonal qualities of this concert guitar are just as one would expect from such a maker and from this period. Deep bass with evenness across all registers and trebles which sing and have much sustain. A loud guitar with excellent projection.

When one plays this guitar they certainly will feel that they are playing an historical guitar and understand why Andres Segovia made the Ramirez 1a a guitar of his choice.

This guitar will grace any concert hall with it’s amazing true Spanish Ramirez sound. 

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