Andy Martin ‘Calypso’

Luthier: Andy Martin

Country: Spain

Year: New 2018 

Model: Concert Flamenco

Name: Calypso

Top: Solid High Grade Redwood (Sequoia) (Age 55 years)

Back & Sides: Solid High Grade Cyprus

Fingerboard: Ebony

Neck: Red Honduran  Cedar

Tuner Pegs: Witner 

Scale: 660mm

Nut: 52mm

Bracing: Seven Fan Granadian System

Finish: French polish by Antonio Aretha

This handcrafted concert flamenco guitar is both aesthetically and tonally just wonderful. The sequoia sound /response is somewhere between cedar & spruce – a truly loud responsive beautiful colourful nostalgic ‘old world’ flamenco tone. 

Just a beautifully constructed concert guitar which is waiting to be played.


Please take a moment to listen to this wonderful flamenco guitar being played by the wonderful Spanish guitarist Kai Nazero