Andy Martin ‘Lirit’

Luthier: Andy Martin

Country: Spain

Year: New 2017 (December)

Model: Concert Classical

Name: Lirit (Meaning ‘Musical Grace’ and was originally a Hebrew name )

Top: Solid European Spruce

Back & Sides: Solid Indian Rosewood

Fingerboard: Ebony

Neck: Brazilian Cedar

Tuners: Perona Royale

Scale: 650mm

Nut: 52mm

Bracing: Traditional Six Fan Granadan System

This handcrafted concert classical guitar is both aesthetically and tonally just wonderful.

Very well balanced across all registers and truly does represent the Granadan sound with the internal six fan bracing system. The guitar is tonally esquisite with a warm tone which delivers plenty of volume when needed.  The sustain is just right – not too much and not too little and the slightest adjustments on the fretted strings will offer a variety of colours.

Just a beautifully constructed concert guitar which is waiting to be played.