Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read about us. Nugent Guitars is a customer focused business built and operated on passion for the classical and acoustic guitar.

There are three ways in which we source guitars: existing guitars we have identified; luthiers we wish to commission; specific searches on behalf of a customer.

In each instance, the process we adopt may vary slightly dependent on the nature of the task. Whichever route we take, there are a core set of values we follow to ensure due diligence is maintained at all times.

The process begins with intensive research; either through establishing the provenance of each instrument, or the credentials of the luthier and where appropriate, both. Once our strict quality requirements have been verified through this research we can move on to the second stage.

Whether the subject is an existing instrument or instructions to a luthier, initial contact is always followed by  a personal visit. A critical examination of the condition and audio characteristics of  each instrument is essential. And whilst reputation of the luthier forms a meaningful research policy, we never purchase based solely on reputation. Our selection of each guitar is based first and foremost on the craftsmanship involved.

Only when we are completely satisfied do we then arrange for the careful transportation of each guitar to the UK. In many cases, transportation means physically travelling with the instrument to ensure safe arrival. With newly commissioned instruments we allow for up to six months for build and delivery. On receipt, we methodically examine every aspect of the guitar again to ensure it meets our exacting standards. Then and only then, will we advertise the instrument for sale.

Our commitment to customer care continues even after the guitar is safely in their hands (including personally hand delivering the instrument if requested). We offer advice on maintenance and repair to help develop a long and meaningful relationship between each new owner and these beautiful instruments.

Our customer is very important to us, and that is why we will do everything possible to ensure our customer recieves a quality guitar and first class service.

Tony J Nugent