Original ‘Especial’ A.R.

Workshop: Jose Ramirez lll

The Original receipt is with us, and a copy can be provided of request to the customer)

Luthier: Amalia Ramirez

Country: Spain

Year: 1995

South AmericaModel: ‘Especial’ Concert 1a

Serial No: Z3 – 027Initials: A.R.

Top: Solid German Spruce

Back & Sides: Solid  Rosewood

Fret Board: Dark Ebony

Tuners: Fustero

Scale: 664mm

Nut: 54mm

The house (workshop)  of Jose Ramirez will be launching a reissue limited run of the model ‘Especial’ in 2020. We are sure this will be a very fine guitar. However, there is never any replacement for owning and playing an original. So, we are offering you just that opportunity; the chance to own and play an original Jose Ramirez lll model ‘Especial’ hand built by Amalia Ramirez herself. 

Amalia Ramirez is an outstanding luthier in her own right. With this wonderful ‘especial 1a’ she has paid extraordinary detail to attention using the highest grade woods and outstanding craftsmanship in this beautiful concert guitar from this very reputable house.

A guitar which in the hand is balanced superbly, clear in it’s tone; outstanding volume and projection,  and sings so sweetly. 

Such a joy to behold and play and we regard this as an exceptional concert guitar which one should, if seriously searching for that next high specification classical guitar,  seriously consider.

For a guitar on 20 years old and being played regularly, this is a wonderful guitar in it’s condition, apart from one extremely small minor split which has had a professional repair to upper rib (treble side) (see photos). The split was not all the way through the rosewood, so internally it has been reenforced, which has been with  material similar to a fine paper. This is a precautionary support  needed to stop a full split occurring in the future. The work was carried out years ago and very much insignificant to the aesthetics, playability and tonality. If you know this rosewood then you will now that it is not uncommon in the older guitars for this wood to split for no real apparent reason. 

We will also advise that as well as being aesthetically and tonally exceptional, this is a guitar also for the collector who knows the limited amount of original especial guitars available on the open market today.

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