Ana Maria Espinosa Rodriguez

Ana Maria Espinosa Rodriguez

Country: Spain (Granada)

Year: 2014

Model: Flamenco

Top: Highest Grade European Spruce (Italy/Switzerland)

Back & Sides: Highest Grade Cyprus

Fret Board: Ebony

Scale: 655mm

Nut Width: 52mm

Finish: Shellac French Polish

A guitar which Ana handmade in 2014 at the request of Nugent Guitars. The guitar arrived in its exquisite condition and was quickly purchased by a musician in the south of England. 

This beautiful high quality flamenco guitar has now come back to us, after being played sparingly to meet the needs of the player for recording purposes. 

It has been well cared for in a humidity controlled environment and is in a wonderful condition.

This is truly an inspiring flamenco guitar which sings in the colurs of Granada.

Ana Maria Espinosa Rodriguez is and always has been for us here at Nugent Guitars one of the most gifted luthiers. and we have never shied away from saying that each guitar she builds really does deliver something magical about it – a voice which captures the player and the audience alike. 

I really encourage you to come along and try this guitar and you will see what we mean by “magical’.