Avalon A2-20CN Fusion – Dec 2017 as new.

At Nugent Guitars we are so pleased to have this stunning Avalon nylon strung guitar to offer our customers.

We can not speak excitedly enough about this beautiful instrument.

This guitar was made in the small Avalon workshop that made Lowden guitars for 14 years.

This model is intended that electric and steel-string acoustic players can play nylon without needing to adapt their style too much

This guitar has a curved fingerboard, and a narrower nut than a normal classical. The body meets the neck at the 14th fret. 

Bonus: This amazing guitar also has installed by Avalon a professional pickup: the K&K Pure mini, which would cost £250 extra.

The original Hixcox hard case from Avalon is included.

The action is incredibly low for a nylon string guitar: 2.5mm on the bass side, and 1.75 mm on the top string

So, take advantage of a massive £1105.00 discount, just because it’s 12 weeks into its life, and buy this guitar for £2395.00. 

To order this guitar new would cost £3500.00

“The company, Avalon Guitars Limited, was originally formed in 1989 as The Lowden Guitar Company Limited and operated from Bangor, County Down until 1990. From 1989 until 2003, the company produced approximately 15,000 Lowden acoustic guitars”


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Katie Melua playing her Avalon A2 – 20CN Fusion.