Dimitris Piperidis

Luthier: Dimitris Piperidis

Country: Greece

Year: 2019

Serial No. 38

Model: Concert Classical

Top: Solid Western Red Cedar.

Back & Sides: Solid very old Madagascan Rosewood.

Fret Board: Dark Ebony.

Tuning Machines: Rubner.

Scale: 650mm

Nut: 52mm.

Bracing: Lattice

Polish: Shellac French polish

This is an extremely exquisite concert classical guitar built by one of Athen’s fine luthiers: Dimitris Piperidis. 

The wood on this guitar is really just about the finest you will get. The wood was supplied to Dimitris by the very reputable and much sought after French (Paris) luthier Dominique Field. For those who know of and understand Dominique’s work you will be confident that this wood is of the highest grade and very special indeed. 

The back and sides are constructed using the most beautiful Madagascan rosewood which is over 100 year old. The top cedar wood  was purchased by Dominique in 1978.  This really is vintage aged wood which  luthiers rarely find today. 

This guitar is very well balanced and has a tone which I describe as clear, bright and sweet. The sustain is really incredible. As you would expect with a latticebraced guitar, the volume is loud when needed and a very good projection.

This is the first guitar we have received from this fine emerging luthier. We are excited to show Dimitris work to all our customers in the UK, Europe  and internationally.

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