Constantin Dumitriu

Luthier: Constantin Dumitru

Country: Romania

Year: 2013

Model: Concert

Top: Canadian Cedar

Back & Sides: Madagascan Rosewood ‘Arched’

Fret Board: Ebony

Scale: 650mm

Nut: 52mm

Tuners: Gotoh

Finish: Shellac (French) polish

Bracing: Reenforced with lattice traditional fan bracing

This guitar is in wonderful condition and having been played in over the past four years the tonal qualities have developed beautifully. There is one minor repair to the top which can not be seen in the photos but we will be happy to discuss this with you. Some very minor scratches which again are not so visible in the photos.

Costas Cotsiolis (considered by many to be the best guitarist of his time) Here is an extract from Festival Cyclades:

“…He worked together at concerts with great guitarists like John Williams, John McLaughlin, Maria Farandouri…Vicente Amigo. Great composers like Leo Brouwer, Ernesto Cordero, Sergio Assad, Dusan Bogdanovich…have all dedicated their works to him…”

The wood used in the construction of this guitar is of the highest grade (as can clearly be seen in the photographs)

This guitar is Constantin’s 2013 model concert, which is based on the ‘arched back’ which is contructed of solid wood. Unlike other guitars, Constantin uses solid wood in such a way that the precision design and detail of the back arch brings about great volume and projection, and unlike some louder guitars the tonal quality is not affected.

This guitar has wonderful balance and systain. The bass’ are deep without any loss of tone and the trebles sing sweetly.

A very easy to play fret board.

A real concert guitar for the all players.

Constantin Dumitru is fast emerging as one the most gifted luthiers out of Europe. His guitar are regularly chosen by professional players at his home land of Romania and overseas.