Manuel Contreras 1 (Snr)

Luthier: Manuel Contreras (Snr)

Label: Signed by Manuel Contreras

Country: Spain

Year: 1989

Model: Traditional Five Fan brace –  ‘Doble Tapa’

Top: Solid High Grade European Spruce

Back & Sides: Solid High Grade Rosewood (aged)

Fret Board: High Grade Ebony

Scale: 650mm

Nut: 52mm

Polish: nitrocellulose 

This is a masterpiece which was hand made by Manuel Contreras Snr. in his workshop in 1989 using the very finest high grade woods and other materials.

This particular model ‘Doble Tapa’ actually refers to the back of the guitar having extra internal support from a single piece of spruce wood to join to the back rosewood. It is one of the most famous of guitars made by this historical reputable luthier. Players from all over the globe seek out and play the guitars of Manuel Contreras.

This guitar, having the very rare traditional ‘Torres’ five fan bracing’ offers an intimate warmth and clarity, with elegance to  the tone, as well as long sweet sustain with volume when needed. A very well balanced guitar offering a view of Madrid.

A very easy guitar to play – especially since it uniquely has the 650mm scale.

This guitar is in excellent condition (except one very small string scratch behind the bridge). 

It has never suffered any damage so no past repair. 

The polish on the shoulders either side of the neck join is faded between light & dark. This is just the nitrocellulose reacting with the wood. It is exactly what it is: light & dark shading only and it certainly does not spoil the aesthetic beauty of this very fine guitar. This beautiful instrument is one hundred percent original.

Light reflections may show on the wood in places, but please be assured, this is perfect in every way. 

A fantastic opportunity to acquire and play a great historical classical guitar from this esteemed luthier. 

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