Peter Beer 2008

Luthier: Peter Beer

Country: United Kingdom (this particular guitar was made when Peter was building his guitars in Herefordshire)

Year: 2008

Serial Number: 8/1

Model: Concert Classical (with sound port)

Top: Finest Grade Tight Grained European Spruce

Back & Sides: Solid Finest Grade Cocobolo wood

Fret Board: Ebony

Scale: 650mm

Nut Width: 52mm

This Peter Beer handmade concert classical guitar is in beautiful condition. If you know Peter’s work, then you will know he and his guitars are held in the highest regard. He really is a magnificent luthier.

The sound port on the top shoulder of the guitar allows the player to hear what the audience is hearing.

Comes with a “port plug” which shows a genuine difference in what the player hears with the port open or closed.

The guitar was “saved” by the current owner from a guitar shop that mostly sold steel string guitars in 2011. It had received a few playing marks from customers of the shop. There were a couple of marks along the grain of the cocobolo in the bottom side. The guitar was returned to Pete Beer for his opinion about these. He said they were very minor surface hairline cracks. The sides are of “double construction” with the cocobolo glued on top of another wood so he said they posed no structural problem. He sealed them, re-set up the guitar and gave it a re-polish. Pete Beer gave an assurance that the cracks were nothing to worry about and would get no worse and that he’d sealed them. The damage caused at the shop has got no worse since. Please don’t let this put you off what is a really lovely guitar.

If you are looking for an incredible concert classical guitar which delivers in all areas, tonal, playability, aesthetics etc… then please do not hesitate to contact us here at NG and make an appointment to come along and try the guitar and discover for yourself just how wonderful Peter’s handmade guitars are.